Grooming prices start at $35 for small dogs and go up depending on size, trim, coat type, condition and behavior.

Nail trims are $18, we offer grinding with each trim (at no additional cost) to give a smooth and shorter finish.

Grooming is done Tuesday through Thursday by appointment. We only accept a few per day to keep it as stress free as possible for the dogs. Our shampoos, conditioners, ear cleaners and post groom sprays are high quality professional products. Our bathing system offers a water massage as well as bathing during their groom. Our tub has a walk up ramp making it easier on the dogs. We have several drying systems which provide the best option for your pet and its coat. 

We offer full grooming services for pets with short coats, long coats, and those thick lush double coats and nail trims for between the full grooms to keep those feet in top shape.

For those wanting to have grooming done while at work, we offer add on daycare and boarding clients can have their pets groomed prior to pick up too!​​​

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